Helpless Feeling about Haiti

I am so sad about Haiti.  I have been watching the news over the past few days.  Those poor, poor people.  I was watching one coverage, where I saw many many people run around without anything in their hands, just the clothes on their backs, just looking to find out where to go.  The confusion, the sadness and the devastation is too much to bare.   My problems pale in comparison.  My heart and prayers go to the Haitian people.  I know they need our money right now and our support and I am so glad President Obama pledged 100 million dollars and more to Haiti.  I am so glad that there are so many people that are reaching out to help.  There is so much hope and human compassion and I am grateful for that.  Heavy heavy heart about this.  I know you guys understand.

Good night.


One thought on “Helpless Feeling about Haiti

  1. There are no words for the angish one feels when hearing the news out of Haiti for sure, but there is much we can do, even just collectively in small ways. With the economy in shambles around the globe, it couldn’t have occurred at a worse time, but as with past disasters, the world shall pull together it’s resources to help these folks. Everywhere you look, there are ways to help out, if even just in small ways. Collectively, small measures become quite large, so have hope for them, they shall prevail. Yes prayers are needed, but not just for the victims, but also for the dimwits (like Pat [sorry ass] Robertson) who would use the event as an excuse to cast judgement around. He has allot of nerve to do that, when the “Jesus” he claims to believe in hasn’t cast His judgement yet. It happened for the same reason all natural disasters happen, Earth is a rock floating through space on the event horizon of a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. We must work together to find a safer planet to move to. Spacecraft that “sail” upon the light of the stars (or penlights even) are required, as well as material synthysis from stardust, technology. We are the “new” pioneers. We must learn to search for a new, and safer, planet on which to dwell, and we’ll leave the scammers, rapists, murderers, and theives here. Let them ride the rock into the unknown…

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