Wintry Wednesday

Not too much too report lately.  I have been working tons and getting back in the swing of things.  Highlights for me yesterday were making homeade enchiladas and going to the Hot Springs Tub number 5 with Justyn.   Other than that, thats about it.

A pic that was taken in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana after a Zydeco dance party

On my Facebook I came across this awesome quote that moved me tremendously from,

Timothy Dwight Blair Happy Humpday : ) Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. Today I will use my talents to be of service to others and show what I am made of. Happy Wednesday….

I sure do love that quote and its very uplifting.




3 thoughts on “Wintry Wednesday

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Hope all is well with you and yours! Yes yes, it’s wintry! Oh well, taking a break from the journey of the PanAmerica BlogRide to do some odd job work for more travel funds. Do you have a Facebook zoo? I do, and it irritated my buddy that I spent time on it each day. Well, it helps raise money for The Wildlife Fund, that’s why I asked. Wish I could be your Facebook friend, but I know I’m too weird, huh? Anyway, you never opened the email with John and Jalaine’s number in it, so you must not be interested in trying out the old EV rig on his his little stage at the foot of the mountain. There’s pics of it at my Myspace under the album “Uncle John’s Farm Party” (the stage, that is), but it’s too cold to do that now. I was lamenting the other day, that I hope there’s no “virtual” freeze at my Facebook zoo… I have a bunch of “virtual” orange trees there, and my “real” ones didn’t fare to well, even though I am a long way from home, my friends are taking care of them. They’ll survive, but they had to be picked clean. Anyway, you and Georgie take care now, and stay warm! Sorry, I haven’t been around to comment, this little hokey town of Mayo”berry” doesn’t have wi-fi anywhere, and the library only allows me an hour on their computer. Can’t use my own, as they fear virus’s and such. Silly!
    Anyway, Happy New type Year…!!!

  2. no Jamaica this year. I am thinking about heading to Panama instead. Be safe on your travels. I never got an email from you about John and Jalaine. I am not sure what you are talking about with virtual orange trees and such. I have no idea what that is. Good luck. Happy New Years and safe travels on your Grand Pan America Blog Ride

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