Last Day of Utahpian Paradise

I have had tremendous fun on this Winter Vacation.  We have had adventure after adventure.  Lots of skiing, hot springs, laughing and hanging with new friends.  We were invited to a home-ade pizza party at our new friend Johnny’s house.  They made yummy pizza on pizza stones in there 550 degree oven.  So crispy and delicious.  After dinner I played music in the living room with Johnny and Nat.  I had such a great time.

Homemade pizza stylie

Yesterdays ski adventure was sooo tough.  We were at SnowBasin and the slopes were so steep and hard.  I had a tough time, but I did not mind the challenge.  I am taking the day off and heading back to the hot springs to chill……………………………………………..

……………Several hours later, we did enjoy the hot springs so much and met some funny random characters there.  On the way to the hot tub we rescued a chocolate lab doggie named Bailey.  He was dodging cars on a busy street.  There were 5 of us in our mini-van and we pulled over.  I grabbed the dog and Heather Dee called the number on the collar and reached a confused lady that could not speak English.  So, we took Bailey with us to the hot springs with us.

Heather De and Bailey

Bailey did not want to get in the water with us because the water was way too hot for his kind (canine species).  116 degrees sitting in a hot springs with snow falling all around is an extremely pleasing combination.

Bailey and me at the Hot Springs in Utah

bodies in the Hot Springs near Heber City, Utah

The characters we met in the hot springs were from the Park City area.  We met a guy named Todd, who wrote several books about coming out of a coma and teaches Telemarking ski styles.  Todd’s companion, Amber loved her dogs and said that she knew she was getting middle aged because she likes to cook bacon for her dogs.  The people we have met along the way have been really interesting.

Heather De and Bailey

Justyn and I dropped our buddies off and finally we got in touch with Bailey’s owners and dropped him off too.  We found an amazing Viatnamese Restaurant near the Sugar House District that had an awesome sign in their window that said, “Vegetarian Food for Long Life”.  We ate like Kings.  Curry tofu, soups, basil rolls, hot tea and some hot saki.  So yum.

Now we are back at the hotel in Salt Lake City, packin’ up for our 5 am in the early morning departure.

Utah today and North Carolina tomorrow.   Thanks for stopping in.  

xoxoxoxoxoox  Bliss out baby.

Justyn's flip flops in the snow


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