Utah Day One

Utah Day One and I am already having more fun than I should.  We spent the night at Heather D’s house in Park City last night.  She gave us her bed and I could not rip myself out of her bed.  I was sooo tired from the previous days travels and the New Years Eve hangover.  It was so warm and cozy, but I looked outside and the skies were so blooo and the mountains in the horizon were covered in luscious snow. The great outdoors was beckoning us to come and play.   So we decided to wake up and eat a fat breakfast and hit the slopes.  We skiied our butts off.  My legs were gettin real sore because you really have to engage your legs while skiing down a mountain.  Pizza Wedge and French Fries is the technique while you glide down a mountain on 2 wooden sticks.

We skiied til 4 and then we found a local hot springs.  We were freezing changing out of our ski clothes  and into our bikinis and bathing suits, but we had to do what we had to do.  The hot springs were delightful.  The Hot springs were about 110 degrees and they were occupied mostly by Japanese bathers.  It was such a cultural experience. I love the Western Hot springs because most of them are free and hard to find.  There was some barb wire around these hot springs and it was in a neighborhood.  But it was really neat.

A natural Japanese Bathhouse hot springs we found. Oooh la la.

After the hot springs we headed home and stopped first to the grocery store to get ingredients for a red curry vegetarian coconut milk stir fry.  It was the bomb.  I am soooo happy and having a blast on Utah Day One.  More adventures tommorow.


One thought on “Utah Day One

  1. You seem to be rocking Park City quite well indeed. I haven’t skied there in 25 years i think. Well enjoy the magic and wonder, and keep sharing the vibes.

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