Happy New Decade from the Airport

Wow what a whirlwind tour I have been through this holiday season.  I just had 2 awesome shows with Snake Oil Medicine Show and I will affectionately call them The Pour House Tours.  Wednesday night we played in Raleigh and last night we brought in the New Years with Sol Driven Train in Charleston, SC.  I have been having a blast and a half.

I am now writing to you from the GSP International Airport in Greenville, South Carolina.  The sun is setting behind me and we have about an hour and a half til we board our plane to head to Salt Lake City, Utah. I now finally have some down time to catch up on my blogs and emails.  My sweet little traveling companion, Justyn, is catching up on the news while we wait.  It is so exciting to be going somewhere in the beginning of  a new decade.  I hope this decade takes me on wild traveling experiences across this globe and I hope I can keep spreading my musical gift to my fellow earthlings.

2010 Goals this Year

  • Get garden growing
  • see my sis, Jane, Delphine, and Jessie Lou in California
  • fly to Panama
  • Solo Album
  • New curtains for my cute little camper
  • get a dehydrator and start making my own healthy snacks and delete eating salty chips
  • more gigs
  • more yoga
  • more flossing
  • less plastic bottle consumptions
  • set up a budget for 2010
  • organize my areas

Fun fun fun.  Loving 2010.  How is everybody out there??? You got any fun goals or ideas for 2010???


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