Welcome to the Sunny State

Dear Blog Readers,                                    Friday December 18, 2009

I am writing to you from Jacksonville, Florida on the 18th of December at 5:15pm and I feel so blessed to be hanging by the St. John’s River in the sun with the palm trees blowing in the wind.  My mountain home apparently is underneath 7-8 inches of snow.  I skirted out of Asheville in the knick of time.  I left yesterday afternoon and went straight to my parents house in the south and did not see one snow flake.  I woke this morning in South Georgia to torrential downpours, so I decided to stay cozy in my bed and drink coffee with my mom.  Around noon, I left to go down to Florida and it was a rainy rainy drive all the way til I crossed the Florida state line, where I saw a sign welcoming me to the Sunny State.

So in the sunny state of Florida I am blissed out in a sunny state of mind, sippin coffee by the St. John’s River about to meet up with some friends.  The daylight hours are melting into the evening twilight where a group of us are going to get together to have dinner and we are going to celebrate my friend Brenda’s 60th bday.  Brenda is super duper special to me.  Her last name is Star Walker and she stands up to that name.  She turned me on to yoga 10 years ago.  So I love her tremendously.  I will probably crash in her yoga studio tonite.  She has no idea that I am going to be here tonight, so I am excited about surprising her.

I love to document so I will keep doing that.  Talk to you later.


Caroline Pond


One thought on “Welcome to the Sunny State

  1. Nice. We miss you down here, Caroline Pond! Come visit us again, we’re having a yoga festival October 13th.
    Love, Mrs Florida Boy

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