U if for Ukulele

Happy Friday everyone, this is a shout out to my buddy Spyder, thanks for reminding me about the letter U is for Ukulele.  I forgot to mention that in my post on bloggie blog tag words.

I am going to try and do more ukulele tunes on my blog with lessons and answers to any questions you may have.

So here is an old time tune called Fall on my Knees that I video recorded for you and here are the chords for you to play along if you want to.  D  G   D  G  D  A  D  G   D A  D

(D)I Fall on my (G) knees and I (D) beg you (G)

please (D) wont you (A)stand by  (D)me Little (G)Girl

(D) wont you  (A)stand  (D)by me..

More ukulele lessons in the future.  Let me know what you want to learn and I will start doing video uke lessons.   Cheers and have a great weekend everyone.


3 thoughts on “U if for Ukulele

  1. Love it. Ukulele vidcasts will be so very hip.

    The Furthur tour is passing through Ashville, NC in a couple of months. You should try to go; it is the real deal, rather than all the attempts that have been missing horribly.

  2. I tried to play using the chords provided and it sounded off. how is your uku tuned.?

    PS. Josie loves this blog entry…it is her favorite youtube video thus far.

  3. hey Jane Lou, I may have been out of tune a bit. I am not sure. But I tune it bottom string G C E A
    But that gives me an idea to get everyone in tune for my lessons. Thanx sis I love u

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