Hiking in the Woods with Name-tags On

I am so happy.  My life feels really really good.  Enriched with friends, family, music and travel.  I am so grateful.  I have been real busy this week, working every day, so my life has been hectic.  So today is Sunday and its time for me to relax.  The Christmas Tree is flickering with bright lights in our living room, there is still snow on the ground from yesterday’s blizzard, the fire is toasty warm and our front office has just been painted Belize Ocean Blue.  Not much else to report on this Sunday except that I am happy and content.

What are you grateful for this Sunday???  Love hearing from you guys so much.  Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.  That is what I am grateful for.


2 thoughts on “Hiking in the Woods with Name-tags On

  1. In the same vein as Greg Brown wrote a song (a long time ago now) about how he was rich in daughters (he also made up one about how my new born son should pee in my mouth back then as well); you are someone very rich in blessings. For that i am grateful that you share so many of them with all of us.

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