Turkey Day Vacation Overview

I had such an amazing Holiday vacation in Charleston and South Georgia.  Thursday morning(Turkey Day) Justyn and I went down to his Uncle’s Plantation on the Cooper River.  Its one of the oldest rice plantations in South Carolina and its on the Cooper River.  It is called the Limerick Plantation.    James B. Edwards, his Uncle, holds a family reunion every year and this was the 25th year.  We ate yummy catered food, hiked the plantation, saw a ton of ducks and went on a hayride.

Friday we got up in the morning and went on a 10 mile bike ride over the brand new Cooper River Bridge.  It was spectacular.  Lots of biking up hill, but the view on top of the bridge was phenomenal.  We rode over to the Aquarium and met up with JT’s niece and sister.  We had a blast.  Unfortunately, my bike had a flat tire, so we had to load the bikes in to the car.  We did stop at Folly Beach to take out the dog and fly the kite.

That evening we had a lovely dinner at The  Mustard Seed in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and then met up with friends afterwards to celebrate the night life.   We saw a band at Art’s Place, and they were extremely loud, but I loved how they played Duran Duran’s song Rio.  I danced my butt off.  Awesome.

Saturday morning, we woke up and went to The Waterfront Park with JT’s family. The park is underneath the Cooper River Bridge.  It is extremely nice.  JT flew his kite down there, it was amazing.  The weather was windy and brisk, but sunny too.

After our morning adventures, we headed to Sylvania, Georgia to hang with my mom and dad.  It was so lovely and sweet to see them.  We went to a real cool restaurant in the middle of nowhere, Georgia.  It felt like we were at a NYC restaurant plopped on a dirt road in Southern, Georgia, next to a deer processing plant.  Very interesting.  The place was called Doe Doe’s.

More pics to follow, I just can’t find the camera chord thingy.  xoxoxoxo.  Peace.


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