I Love my New Camper

This past weekend on the way to Bass and Grass we were lucky enough to take our brand new camper on its maiden voyage down to Perry, Georgia.  Its a 1967 Beauty.  I have been dreaming for years on owning a vintage travel trailer and my dream has come true.  White on the outside and refurbished on the inside with salmon pink sink and stove.  I just love it and adore.  Our little home on wheels.  Here are some pics of this cute little canned ham.  I will show you what the inside looks like later.

camper with outdoor chair setup

canned ham trail along

I love my camper


8 thoughts on “I Love my New Camper

  1. not yet A, but hopefully it will present itself soon. Hope you are doing lovely. I will be in your area for Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. Hope you are rockin girl.

  2. that is a Tiny Canned Ham! I want to make a Ham Sandwich and look at the pictures some more. Canned Ham with a Hitch. I am still dreaming on about having one of my own, or at least one of those really small Vans.

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