Bass and Grass

I cannot even begin to put in words how much fun I had at the Bass and Grass Festival this weekend at Perry, Georgia.  75 degree sunny weather, great company, music pickin’ with the Keels and whole bunch of bass fishing.  Here is a couple of short videos that Justyn did while we are on Goose Lake.  I brought my ukulele out there while he caught 15 bass.  I will tell you more stories later, its time for me to unwind from my fun vacation.


4 thoughts on “Bass and Grass

  1. Glad you had a good ‘ole time, Caroline! It’s nice in Florida too right now! Getting ready to start the Blogride again. Still working on the new trailer’s brakes and plywood floor (it’s fancy), and then I gotta little job to do in Mayo, FL for a couple of days. John’s friend Morgan said he’s fixing to have a “little” party in Marshall with Zack Deputy (have you heard of him), anyway Morgan says he’s awesome! And, ‘ole Morgan knows his music! I sent you John’s phone number at Myspace email, did you get it? Anyway, there I go again, another novel for a comment… I just don’t know the meaning of the word breif, do I? Silly me… this BlogRide thingy might take 10 years for all I know! I wonder how many more towns I’m going to go through, where I’m sad to leave when I finally do?

  2. Just an afterthought (like I need one of those), maybe Justyn could use a recording of you when he goes out fishin’ and you ain’t there! Since your uke brought so many bass around the boat, and made ’em hungry from all the dancin’ they were doin’… And, I like the dog! He reminds me of my friend Forest back home, and oh that makes me homesick! Oh well, I might as well get used to that, huh? Heather Dee sent me an Orchid Lei from L.A. yesterday, isn’t that sweet? Glad she ain’t here or I’d have to wear the silly thing! Probably ought to send her a picture. 🙂

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