Happy Friday

Lovin’ it today.  Hope you have a blast this weekend. I am off to play a gig in Greensboro this weekend to play a bah mitzvah with the Firecrackers and then I am gonna relax on Sunday.  What are you getting into this weekend?????   Much Love to everyone……


Have a great weekend Yall....


One thought on “Happy Friday

  1. May you have a good ‘ole time with the Firecracker Jazz Band, Caroline! I still have yet to hear y’all, do you have anything posted on the web I could listen to? Anyway, I’m sure y’all sound great if you’re in the group!
    Just wanted to bring to attention that I left more comments at your previous blog post about John and Jalaine’s place, north of Marshall, in the mountains. And, like I said, I’ll email you the phone number for them, at Myspace.
    Not sure yet what I’m doing this weekend, I need to do my laundry, and I have to do it by hand in washtubs, because it’s hard to carry a washer and dryer on a bicycle! Lol… , anyway, I’m still staying at the little country chruch in Suwannee Springs, and pastor Baker said they shipped out my new trailer from Iowa today, so it should arrive by Wednesday of next week. Then it will take a couple of days to move everything from the old trailer to the new one, and I promised the congregation (who supplied the new trailer) that I would stay long enough to attend their thankgiving feast on Sunday, November 15th. So, it looks like I’ll be going back on the road November 16th, and Governor Crist emailed me today to say he won’t be able to meet with me when I go through Tallahasee, so I won’t be stopping there like I planned to do, so it may not be until Pensicola that the next PanAmerica BlogRide blog goes up on the Myspace profile. Although, if my Uncle Gordon in Pensicola is too busy to have me stay with him a few days, I may move on to Mobile before I stop for awhile to put up blogs. I was bummed that Governor Crist is too busy to meet with me, to discuss what I wanted to discuss about the homeless in Florida, so all that stuff shall be published in a blog before I leave here, for him and whoever to read at their leasure. Anyway, Caroline, here I’ve been long winded (or fingered) again! Have a good weekend, and I’ll keep up with your blogs as best I can, given how busy it’s been, doing this endeavor that is the ACS Team PanAmerica BlogRide 2009 – 10 ! Cheers, and happy jams!

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