Fall Blessings

“Beloved, inmost Heart of every heart do not let our human hearts be broken by our merely mortal suffering here but make our mortal human hearts Break Free to an unconditional love of You, that we may, thus, love all living beings with love’s own true and truly broken heart”

I just found this quote today and it absolutely resonates with me.

What a beautiful Autumn day we are having here in Asheville.

Much Love to everyone, DSC02683



4 thoughts on “Fall Blessings

  1. Nice ! That’s a very nice quote, Caroline. Yes, it does indeed resonate the human condition we all sometimes feel. And, I like the fall themed photograph too. Hope all is well with you, and George, and Andy, and the whole Snake Oil Medicine Show crew… now that the slower part of the year is swinging around again, maybe y’all can head out to John and Jalaine’s place to jam some… the P.A. rig I sent up there to John is just sittin’ there waiting for ya. Anyway, I wanted to mention that I mentioned you in the most recent ACS Team PanAmerica BlogRide blog at my Myspace profile. It has to do with your love of coffee (which I do share as well), and this new coffee I just became aware of this past week here in Live Oak, Florida. The BlogRide has been going pretty slowly, but the congregation of this little church I mentioned in the blog has pitched in to provide a new bicyle trailer that’s actually built to haul the 300 pounds I’m hauling, so it should move along alittle faster once that arrives. Anyway, as usual, I got alittle long winded here, so once again, sorry about the novel that started out as a comment…

  2. No problem on the long winded comments, they are fun to read. Have fun on your Blog Ride , sounds so cool. Where is John and Jalaine’s place to jam? Cheers Tommy

  3. John’s place is a few miles north of Marshall, N.C., and I don’t want to post the phone number here, but I shall email it to you at Myspace. George should remember John, when he see’s the picture of his place, as I know John said y’all were going to go out there once before, and didn’t because he had no P.A. rig out there. Anyway, I’ll try to embed a photo here in this comment, but if it don’t work there’s a whole album of photos at my pictures on Myspace under the album titled “Uncle John’s Farm Party” in the “pics” link. Well, here goes it:

  4. Well, the HTML code was removed from the comment I tried to post with the embeded picture in it, so here’s the URL link to it:


    The stage is in the center of the picture at the foot of the mountain, and the house is off on the left, and like I said, I’ll email you their phone number at your Myspace email. I sent the P.A. rig up there with just a couple of Hi-Z mics, so you’ll need to have your own pick-ups for instruments, and mics too, if you need more than two, and I think I only sent one mic stand with it, because the feller who hauled it up there was already carrying allot of stuff anyway. Just copy and paste the URL link to your browser address bar, if the link comes up unclickable. Hope y’all have fun with it! And, give John and Jalaine a big hug for me, and tell them I’ll come there sometime next year to visit. Cheers!

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