The Rocket Club Recap

I am still recovering from the Halloween Festivities.  We just had a blast.  Had a fun get together at our house the night before Halloween and then played to a sold out show at The Rocket Club with Sol Driven Train.  I just love those guys.  They got us real good, they dressed up like us (Snake Oil Characters). header_3 When the Sol Driven Boys were on stage, the Snake Oil boys went into the bathroom and put on their band uniforms.  We just love those guys.  We got completely charmed out and hope to do more shows and shennanigans with them in the future.


Jake Wolf our amazing bassist


Billy Seawell drummer for Snake Oil went as Clark Kent


Snake Oil Driven Train, Joel is dressed up like Caroline, too funny



One thought on “The Rocket Club Recap

  1. This was such a great night! I am looking forward to seeing the combo more in the months to come. New Year’s Eve at the Pourhouse in Charleston is going to be off the hizook…and then French Broad river Festival! You are all SOOOOO talented…Big love from the Big Chief!

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