One Year Blog-a-versary

One year has passed and I have enjoyed posting stories and pictures on this blog so much.  I have been celebrating my life and following my path and sharing it with you.  Thanks so much everyone for your huge support and your comments.  I plan on signing up for another year to do this blog.  I have been thinking about renaming it, does anybody have any ideas?  If you have questions or comments please let me know.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I am getting ready for Halloween.  Cheers.

A One Year Recap Highlight of a blogging girl’s life

October 2008- I did a photo shoot in Atlanta and played a show with the Squirrel Nut Zippers

Novemeber 2008– Spent some fun time with my family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and went to a Jason Mraz concert at the Tabernacle

December 2008– played with Bobby Lee Rodgers and Larry Keel at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta

January 2009– I enjoyed an amazing Jamacia trip with Snake Oil Medicine Show

February 2009– I just hunkered down in my little apartment and did a Red Chair photoshoot

March 2009–  Spent some time on a Breckenridge, Colorado trip with KT, that was loads of fun

April 2009–  Played a 5 spot show in Atl with Snake Oil and I went to the Grove Park Inn Spa for the day

May 2009–  Michigan Tour with Snake Oil, what a blast

June 2009– New York, West Virginia, Summer Begins, Smoothies obsessions and hanging with Justyn

July 2009- Grassroots, New York

August 2009– Lake Santeelah, Hilton Head, Big Bday Bash in Atlanta, ear aches and computer crashes

September 2009– Gauley River, Andy and Nicole Wedding Party, Delphine in town

October 2009– I moved to Weaverville, Apple fixes my computer and I have a new Vitamix Blender. Also I went and hung with Mad Tea Party at Shakori Hills.  One year anniversary of my BLOG…

Life has been good this year.  Lets see what the next year of blogs will bring…

a girl kickin back on a green chair celebrating one year blog a versary


10 thoughts on “One Year Blog-a-versary

  1. Thank you for your words of light & joy! I’ve enjoyed this year and am rooting for many more blogs from you.

    Random titles off the top of my head…
    Carolina Sun Spot
    Carolina Sunshine
    Living Light
    Caroline’s Abundant Life
    Snake Oil Medicine for the Soul
    Good Stuff

    …or anything you come up with that reflects your brilliant soul.

    Thank you & keep ’em coming!

  2. Bobby Lee Rogers! There’s that name again! He played with Donna Hopkins at the local Mellow Mushroom! I love to one year recap. Neat Idea girlie! Much love and creative vibes. ~Reg

  3. thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and for staying real, open, and honest. It is refreshing to have this degree of blessed forthrightness.

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