Diggin My Vitamix

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200

Yes folks I have made numerous smoothies and soups with my new blender.  I have had my Vitamix 5200 for over a month and have used it a ton already.  This thing is so powerful that it could probably blend a rock, but I am not going to try that.  Ha ha.  Well folks if you need a nice blender I recommend this one.  I got a good deal on this, its a reconditioned one with a 7 year warranty.  Comment me if you need more info or if you need recipes on smoothies.  Much Love Folks…

Diggin my Vitamix

Diggin my Vitamix


7 thoughts on “Diggin My Vitamix

  1. Hi Carolyn! Are you guys playing the variety playouse in atlanta this year? I saw that on your snake oil myspace page but is not on the variety playhouse site…please drop me a line on my email and let me know. We would love to see you guys jam there….Hope you are doing great Caroline! Read water for elephants by reading your blog a while ago…Thanks for recommending, great book 🙂

    Allan Minter

  2. Recipes? I’d like a couple of your favorites. I’d like to get into making my own smoothies but really don’t know where to start. Help?

  3. Pam, one of the easiest smoothie recipes I know is a green smoothie.

    One banana
    frozen peaches/mangos
    handful of spinach
    bit of water
    and blend away

    Delicious, you can also put grapes in there or a spoonful of hemp, chia seeds. Just experiment with your tastes. Good luck.

    • Thanks so much! This sounds like a great place to start. I’m tucking this list away and won’t make it home before I’ve collected it all for a yummy smoothie Pond-style! 🙂 In fact, those peaches Chad and I picked up at the farmers’ market in September (or was it August?) have been waiting for this occasion. I sliced them, froze them, then wasn’t quite sure what to do with so many! Well, now I know.

      Hugs and happy November –

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