I’m Gonna Ban Plastic Water Bottles

A couple of weekends ago while hoppin around the Grassroots Festival at Shakori Hills, I came across some folks that provided clean drinking water from their trailer.  I enjoyed talking to them tremendously and thanked them so much for enlightening festival goers.  I got so inspired talking to them that it makes me want to ban plastic water bottles in my life for ever.images

As a musician, I see so much waste at festvials with water bottle consumption.  We can limit this by using reusable cups, Clean Kanteens, Siggs bottles, etc.   It is so nice that the festival promoters and hospitality teams of all these venues provide plastic water bottles to us backstage, but I am going to encourage them to have clean drinking water that we can fill into our Kanteens and reusable cups.

I love my water bottle!!!

I love my water bottle!!!

“The conclusion is that a bottle of ’spring’ water costs 2000 times as much energy as a bottle of tap water. In other words: the energy it takes to produce one bottle of spring water can be used to fill two thousand bottles with tap water.”
– SuperForester Julius’ post on SuperForest.Org

For every plastic bottle that has ever been made, it is still here on our planet and they aren’t breaking down anytime soon.  I know you folks out there already know all this, but please help me spread the word on the damage that plastic water bottles has on our planet.  If possible, ban the plastic bottle.  Get a cute little Sigg bottle or Kleen Kanteen and carry it wherever you go.  These are great Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanaka gifts.  Let’s rise up and be a role model.

Does anybody have any comments or ideas about this one?   Cheers.


3 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Ban Plastic Water Bottles

  1. Start a trend of putting stickers on klean canteens / other reusable water bottle — sort of like pieces of flair, but on your flashy drinking container!

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