Lakeside Music

On Saturday, George, Andy and I played music for a friend’s birthday party.  I was in heaven.  Playing music with the Pond Brothers is one of my favorite things to do on this world.  We have been playing music for 18 years together.  They are my family and we just had a great great show together.  We were spot on.  Andy just got back from his honeymoon in Hawaii, it was George’s birthday and I finally could hear like a champ.  So we sang and played our hearts out.  pond farm pickers  If you ever need us to play your party, birthday, wedding, graduation, living room, backyard etc., holla at me and leave me a comment.

  Pond Farm Pickers would love to play your special event.  We are basically Snake Oil Medicine Show without the drums.  Of course, you can choose either one of the bands.


One thought on “Lakeside Music

  1. Hello – I’d like some info. about your playing weddings…available dates, rates, deposits, and all the goods. Please let me know.
    Thanks – ME

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