My Lucky Skirt

Yes folks I still wear madras. I know its a popular fabric from the 80’s, but I am keeping it in style. A girl about town, such as yours truly, has to shop on a budget during these hard economical times. Let me tell you, I have been scoring BIG time at the Goodwill in South Asheville. My luck has been amazing, in fact sooooo good that I found this madras skirt and I had to buy it 198

It was only 3 dollars. I tried it on and fell in love with it. I took it home and was going to wash it, but before doing so, I reached in the pocket and there was 6 dollars in the skirt. I was thrilled and this lucky finding made my day even brighter. That’s the story of my lucky skirt that did not cost me anything.  It was kind of like winning a lottery ticket.  I love retail therapy.


2 thoughts on “My Lucky Skirt

  1. May you always be so lucky, Caroline. Hey, if y’all are having a dry spell (gigwise) go give John and Jalane a call, and tool on up there to give them a visit. I sent the P.A. up there recently. It’s a nice little stereo 8 channel board, and it sounds real nice in that valley. You could bill it as a small party, and make some pocket change. I have a family reunion in Alabama in two weeks, so I’m going to hang out at the Suwannee Park in Live Oak for a while before leaving Florida to head west.

  2. Sorry, Caroline, I misinformed you of the P.A. status, it’s still down here, but it’ll be headin that way soon… I’m wrenching on the trailer, and shall pull out in the morning heading north to Live Oak, then west to Alabama…

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