On My Way to the Lovely Gauley

This is gonna be an action packed weekend y’all.  We are heading to West Virginia to the Gauley River for some class 5 Whitewater Rafting.  This is so outside my comfort zone, but oh well.  I got my earplugs and my life jacket and a good guy to guide us down the river.  So here we go.  Also, I am bringing my fiddle to jam by the river banks just in case I back out.  Ha ha. 

Have a fantabulous weekend lovelies.


6 thoughts on “On My Way to the Lovely Gauley

  1. Just don’t leave the fiddle in the car if you do go, unless you have a cooler to put it in, or sleeping bag or something to protect it from the heat in the locked up vehicle. I’m sure you know this! I don’t know why I would caution you about it in West Virginia, as it’s not as hot up there as it is further south, but it still gets hot in a locked up car. Hope y’all have a blast of a time !
    Wanted to let you know that I sent my P.A. gear with Morgan, to take to John’s place in Marshall, rather than put it storage while I’m gone out west on the PanAmerica Blogride 2009 ACS Team event, so I hope y’all get some time to go on out there and visit. Play some tunes in that pretty little valley, and podcast it, if you can. John knows other folks that would like to go play there too, and having it up there gives me a good reason to go up that way when I get back. Had to turn around due to more mechanical trouble, but I’ll be giving it another go this weekend. Glad to hear your ears are feeling better. Had that same thing happen to me last fall, but it came from showering in ag well water in the sticks of Lake County, my favorite place in Florida. Sorry this comment turned into a novel… ciao!

  2. Love the video! Couldn’t watch it in town earlier because of a street party, too many folks on the wi-fi, even with 5 access points. There was about 3,000 souls give or take a few, 3 stages, ton ‘o fun, great weather! Did some busking at the Vetrans Memorial Park on the waterfront after. Lots of folks taking in the dropping humidity that fall is starting to bring, going for strolls after the party, so there were quite a few straglers in the park, it was fun. Yes, you’re an awesome fiddle player, Caroline! My nephew Robin Bruce, took up the fiddle after being inspired by hearing you play, but the school is teaching standard band, and he’s learning the fiddlin’ on his own, by going to bluegrass gatherings to network. Your awesome, and I’m sure you’ve inspired many young folks to apply themselves to learning more about music, and that’s way cool, sister sunshine. Thanks for doing truly moving art with your bow, and sharing it!

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