Oh How I’ve Missed You

carolineOh my beloved blog and my beautiful readers I have missed you.  I feel extremely handicapped now that my Apple has turned into a lemon. 

 I will get through this time.  Luckily, I am borrowing a computer from my friend Wendi this week and that is going to help me out sooo much.  How caroline 4has everybody been doing?

Well, I have been busy as a hummingbird lately doing more work than gigs.   Hopefully that will turn around.  However, George, Andy and I played at Ledges Whitewater Park Clean-up on the French Broad last weekend and that was fun. caroline 2

Lots of cool plans that I am looking forward to.  I am going to North Georgia for a Labor Day getaway with friends next weekend.  Then I am going to the Gauley the following weekend.  The Gauley is a giant river in West Virginia.  Goodness me.  Also in the works, I am heading to Colorado in the fall to start recording a solo album.  So lots of fun things to get geared up for and excited about. 

I have had a lot of setbacks this month, painful ears and messed up computer =huge inconvenience.  But, I am going to persevere and just remember all the positive and wonderful things I have in my life.  Sometimes we get tough challenges to make ourselves stronger.  I am going to get through this tough time folks.  Thanks for checkin in and I hope everyone is happy and good.

P.S   I have no idea how to make pictures seem larger than they appear on this pc.  Got some things to figure out.caroline 3


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