Don’t Forget About Me When I’m Gone

When the clock strikes midnite I will be coasting out of North Carolina and heading to New York for music and zydeco dancing at Grassroots Fest in Trumansburg. I will be out of touch for a while so keep it real folks. Talk to u when I get back.   If you have any questions or comments please feel free to do so.  I am gonna be one busy ass girl.

Here are pics from last weekends Fiddle Convention in Cherokee Mills Farm in Lafayette, Georgia.  DSC02207DSC02232DSC02243


One thought on “Don’t Forget About Me When I’m Gone

  1. Yay for busy Caroline, and the beloved Snake Oil Medicine Show! Don’t see you on myspace much anymore, but I’m not on their much either right now. Getting ready for the craziest poo I’ve ever done, thee PanAmerica Blogride 2009 fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Crazy is probably an understatement… anyway, I did send you email at myspace, if you ever get some time to read it. If not, oh well, I understand. Hope you have a wonderful time at your festival in Yew Nork, and I’ll keep checking back from time to time. Keep pressing that love button!

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