10 Grateful things on July 10th

In a few short hours, I am hopping in the Snake Oil Van.  We are heading to a fiddle convention in Lafayette, Georgia at Cherokee Mills Farms.  I am so excited.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I am grateful for my life experiences

I am grateful for my life experiences

These are 10 things I am grateful for today, what are yours???

  1. Having a cozy place to lay my head down at night
  2. hopping in the van with Snake Oil to have yet another music and art adventure
  3. feeling the love
  4. that i play music and i get to perform in many towns
  5. my health
  6. i dig biceps on guys.  yummy
  7. my upcoming New York trip and Hilton Head Trip are on the horizon
  8. summer breezes
  9. my friends and my family
  10. for you for stopping by and reading

It’s 10 am on July 10th and these are my 10 things that I am grateful for now.  Yee haw.

I would love to hear your 10 Things that you are grateful for today.  Much love…


10 thoughts on “10 Grateful things on July 10th

  1. Things I’m grateful for:
    1. Caroline Pond’s sunshine spirit twittering with the morning birds.
    (Let me finish my coffee and I’ll come up with some more…)

  2. Thankful y’all are still pickin and grinnin. Say hi to the rest of the guys yo, and let me know the next time y’all come through atlanta!

  3. 1. dancing wild under the moon and stars

    2. fabulous festival weekends all through july

    3. hearing a great new band for the first time (e.g., the woodbox gang at the great blue heron)

    4. tasty food on my table

    5. comfy shoes on my feet

    6. friends who share unconditionally

    7. three cats that purr and rub against my legs when I get home

    8. a reliable paycheck

    9. a general state of feeling good

    10. perky fiddlers 😉

  4. Today I am grateful for:

    1. The people around me, all creative in their own ways
    2. Buttered toast
    3. The freedom to rest
    4. My niece and nephew
    5. My physical strength
    6. Long, warm hugs
    7. Clean laundry
    8. Good advice
    9. Enthusiasm
    10. Quiet


  5. things i am grateful for…
    1. Snake Oil’s AMAZING performance at the Cherokee Farm Fiddler’s Convention
    2. this precious human life we currently possess
    3. consciousness, in general
    4. home-made banjos
    5. ukulanjo and banjoleles
    6. Creation
    7. the internet
    8. Love
    9. God
    10. the eternal present moment

    not in any sort of order, because that would be silly =P

  6. 10 things for me…

    1. Getting to see you rock out at the fiddler’s convention.

    2. Getting some of that bad ass set on video, as well as many of the other sets (will post it to youtube for you soon).

    3. Summertime! The livin’s easy.

    4. The music I’m about to play on this geetar sittin’ next to me… and the ability to do so.

    5. The shows I get to film… the books are filling up steadily!

    6. The delicious breakfast I’m about to eat.

    7. Getting to spend a month in Cali with the fam just recently.

    8. Finally getting some sleep after the fiddler’s convention!

    9. My friends and fam… gotta love em’.

    10. And last but not least, the fact that I’m still breathing.

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