Painting with Bee

I am such a lucky girl.  Today I visited the sweetest, nicest artist lady and her name is Bee.

Bee a fine artiste

Bee a fine artiste

She is so supportive and amazing.  Bee set me up an easel and I brought my canvas and worked on my painting. Her studio is at the Wedge down in the River Arts District.  It has so much light and she is so positive.  Bee is such a great role model.  She had her friends up there in the studio painting with her and we just had a blast.

Bee's studio

Bee's studio

This summer has been so marvelous, that I have been having way too much fun to write all my adventures, but I will get to them eventually.  I feel so blessed that I am having an awesome summer so far.

I am so happy painting in Bee's studio

I am so happy painting in Bee's studio


2 thoughts on “Painting with Bee

  1. Paint away! Be visual and let the experience dictate the brush. Lose yourself in paint or at least in the vapor of the mineral spirits. Glad it was good

  2. And I thought you looked happy while playing your fiddle! Girl, this is happy right here! 🙂 I’m happy you’re enjoying your summer. You certainly show it!
    And you inspire me!

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