Summer Sisters Matching Swim Attire

My sissy Jane just sent me a pic over on FaceBook of us in matching swimsuits.  We look like we are three legged sisters attached at the hip.  Too funny.  This is her home in Palm Springs, California.  I just can’t wait to visit her again.  Actually, its 120 degrees there.  I will wait til Fall when its cooled down a bit.

Caroline and Jane bathing suit twins.

Caroline and Jane bathing suit twins.

Happy Summer Adventures Y’all!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Summer Sisters Matching Swim Attire

  1. Nice picture, Caroline! Yes, you do look like you’re joined at the hip! It shows, that you’re joined at the heart.
    I wanted to let you know that I’ve completed the signup pages for The American Cancer Society PanAmerica Blogride 2009 ACS Team. And, I want to ask you, and your readers to please check it out. The details have been posted to my latest Myspace blog. I think you can just click on my name above to reach my Myspace page, and the blogs are located beneath the player.
    Thank you, dear, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!
    If the above link doesn’t work, the URL is:

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