Two Awesome Guys

I am writing this to you with a sad and heavy heart.  I have lost 2 wonderful, amazing, influential men in my life, my Uncle John Uhl and my friend Tim Krekel.  They both passed away this month due to cancer.  Cancer sucks and it breaks my heart in two that it takes over people’s bodies.  I know we can’t choose when we leave and we are here for a reason to learn lessons and to teach others.  But, I can’t help to feel so so blue and sad about this.  These men will be missed so much.  They are bigger than life now and I just want to celebrate their gifts that they gave while they were here on Earth.

My Uncle John, I have known my whole life.  He was such a sweetheart, nice guy, funny, loved to read and play golf.  An awesome family man, that we will miss so much.  My family beach trip to Hilton Head this year won’t be the same without him.  I just love my family so much and am so grateful that I get blessed with the time I share with my loved ones.  I will always remember My Uncle John, being so cool and playing old jazz tunes and showtunes in the living room on his piano.  I loved going to see Cincinatti Reds with him and seeing John Pizzarelli in concert with him.

Tim Krekel, who is my wonderful friend, Jason Krekel’s Dad from The Mad Tea Party will be so missed.  He was such an amazing musical and spiritual leader.  I will always remember our Maine trips together and writing songs together and laughing and playing music together.  “Louisville and the music industry lost a great musician, songwriter, and singer today. He wrote songs for Ricky Nelson, Jerry Reed, Crystal Gayle, Patty Loveless, and many, many more. Jimmy Buffett once asked about getting a guitarist and Mr. Guitar himself, Chet Atkins, referred Tim right on the spot that same moment.”-fredalan


5 thoughts on “Two Awesome Guys

  1. Hey Caroline, thanks for the nice piece re Tim. Such a wonderful man; he’s left a ‘God Shaped Hole’ (David Olney) and another ‘Loss to Explain’ (Tim’s) in so very many lives. Glad you & the boys are back & SnakeOil is alive and well. Best to all of you!

  2. Thanks Caroline for posting that! I’m just listening to him over and over….your day always inspires mine…I hope Snake Oil comes out to Vegas soon!

  3. thanks Debbie Lynn and Laura Lee for posting your comments. Much love to you both. I would love for Snake Oil to do Vegas soon. Hopefully one day. Much Love again.

  4. When you see your friend Jason Krekel, please give him an extra hug in my stead, and I’ll also leave comment at Ami’s blog of condolences. It is a sad sickness, cancer is, it has reached epidemic levels worldwide, when just 40 years ago it was not. Cancer is happening to those who have no know risk factors ( like Dana Reeve) for the disease, in ever increasing rates. My condolences to you Caroline, for the loss of your friend, Jason’s dad, and your uncle also, from the same dread illness. This is one reason for the ride to Cali on the bicycle, as I said before, to lose one of my risk factors for cancer (smoking), and to honor the memory of my parents who also both died of cancer. The American Cancer Society has said “yes” to my proposal to do the ride to raise funds for their organization. Now they want me to name the event. Isn’t it silly that I didn’t think of that? Of course it would have to have a name to register it and bill it online and elsewhere, but I hadn’t thought of that. So, I’ve been racking my noodle trying to come up with a name for it. Anyway, may your 4th of July be a happy and blessed one. And, yeah that’s why I don’t do that twittering stuff, I’d run out of stuff to say. Peace, and thank you for posting that video of Tim Krekel at Hippy Jacks! He’ll be fondly remembered even by many who never knew him personally, like myself.

  5. Tommy thank you so much for your kind kind words. I am so glad you are going to do the ride to cali for The American Cancer Society. Good luck and Godspeed

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