Happy Summer Days

Whaddup peeps?  This is where it all begins.  Red, white and blue color combinations, parades, fireworks, lake swimming, river dunking, beach trippin and lazing around in a hammock.  Summer is my fave of all the seasons and I am damn excited about it.  Whoop whoop.  Yee Haw.    I can’t wait to see what Summer chapters unfold in front of me.  Schools out, but I think this is the time when the kids do most of their learning.DSC01645

Ok I am talking jibberish right now, I have not even had my first cup of coffee.  Hope you have a great Summery day.  Stay tuned and much “summer lovin’ and having a blast” to you folks.


4 thoughts on “Happy Summer Days

  1. Me too! Summer is the best time to make myself out, see the world and taste everything I can imagine! No limitations, no exceptions. And fortunately summer is all year long here in Indonesia.

    Hope you get the best of it! Good luck for your music!

  2. Sweaty yard work, scummy fish pond cleaning, and fixing other people’s plumbing. Let’s hear it for the first day off of the summer! Lots of dirty fun.

  3. Keeping it real, that’s what I’ve been doing too, hooking up a sewer pipe to a new bathroom in my buddy, Joe’s home studio. 97 degrees, heat index 105 degrees, Yeee Haww! 120 foot trench, done, backfill, done, next project! Yeah, I know it’s not funny, but when it rains it is! Nobody ever saw me move faster than when the lightning starts poppin’, seriously!

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