Eno Hammocks

A couple of months ago I emceed the French Broad River Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina.  At that festival, Snake Oil Medicine Show played there and we had such a stellar time.  I met so many nice folks there and announced all the sponsors from stage.  In addition to all the great sponsors of the fest , I met the nice brothers of Eagles Nest Outfitters.   The brothers are Paul and Pete Pinholster and they were super duper nice and they gave me a hammock that I absolutlely adore immensely.  I brought it with me last month when I was on tour with Snake Oil to Michigan and New York.  This hammock provided the respite that I or a fellow bandmate needed in between sets.  The hammock is super duper easy to put up.  It comes with a carabeener system that is so smart.  I am going to carry this with me on all my travels.  I highly recommend an Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock.  Check out their website to get yourself one.  Cheers.DSC01722-1


4 thoughts on “Eno Hammocks

  1. SOLD … after viewing the hot guy with brown curls and muscles reading a book in the orange with pink trim hammock!

  2. Yes yes, I could use one of these on my journey to Cali on the bicycle for the ACS, but I’ll likely crash wherever I happen to be at when I get tired, so this thing would be the bomb for that. I got a donated 20 degree bag for the nights in the Rockies of New Mexico, because I recall it’s cold there even in the summer, but I’ll likely use my regular ‘ole Florida bag most of the time. One of these days I’m going to tool on up there to say hello, so don’t get too comfortable now! Peace!

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