100th Post

I just can’t believe that I have written 100 posts on my blog.  That is so wild.  Thanks everyone for stopping by now and again and leaving comments and offering huge support for this project.  This blog has helped me out in so many ways.  I have put my life and my perspective out in cyberspace and I am vulnerable, but I just don’t have anything to hide.  It is fun and amazing putting my adventures and my obstacles on this platform.  I plan on continuing, so stay tuned .

This is my last day of rainy Asheville for a while.  I am hopping in the Snake Oil van to go on an 11 day tour through Michigan, New York and West Virginia.  I plan on documenting the tour, so this should be fun.  

100 Spots on My Pajamas for My 100th Post

100 Spots on My Pajamas for My 100th Post

I have been frantically trying to catch up from my last tour with Snake Oil that landed me into the deep woods of Georgia to see my lifelong friends.  I loved seeing my friends that I grew up with.  My band brought a generator in and crossed over 2 river crossings and just rocked it in the woods.  Also I dipped in a hillbilly hot tub with my ladies and disco danced in the wee hours of the evening in the Cohutta Wilderness, it was wild.  Hopefully photos will pop up soon since I forgot my camera. Ooops  Ciao for now….


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