just banter

By the stars and clouds above, we could spend our lives in love.”

-Jeff Tweety

I am in love with this quote, coffee, my friends, my lovers past (no comment from the peanut gallery, ha ha), my family, sunshine, goodtimes, beach trips, lemon drops, orange cats, my band and so much more.  What are you in love with??????????  Have a great weekend, sorry its a short post but I got to pack up and skidats and hop in the van with Snake Oil Medicine Show to Raleigh and Georgia.  I am running late…  wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .  C ya.


In love with Epcot Center 2007, photo taken by Kevin Tate

In love with Epcot Center 2007, photo taken by Kevin Tate


4 thoughts on “just banter

  1. Hey, you’re too busy to be writing blogs lady! When you hit the Epcot center again, maybe Snake Oil Medicine Show could play The House of Blues. But, the Hard Rock Cafe’ is a much nicer venue, and I know who to talk to there, but you’d have to plan it about three months out. It’s rare that anyone backs out, and they have an open slot. So next time you plan a vacation, plan a show too, because there’s many SOMS fans here…

  2. Well, currently I’m in love with playing music and my true wonderful friends. I love my animals and love where I live, and the people here.

    I used to love my wife until I found out about all the affairs a few months ago.

    I used to think I was falling in love with someone I met, until she flipped out for no reason several times.

    Sometimes love is so deceiving. But most of the time it’s wonderful. 🙂

  3. “What’s love got to do with it?” Well perhaps another 30 years or so will temper your amazing and beautiful optimism. In the mean time, love is easy, but learning to really like someone is extraordinarily difficult. But then again, we need somebody to love and everybody needs somebody to love (a Queen, a Solomon, or just an airplane?).

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