Full of Funky Fever

Hope you have the best day ever.  Every day is new and you can create your own agenda and adventures.  So rock on. Keep on with those healthy drinks, shakin that booty, and positive thoughts because it helps out soooooo much.

I am busy as heck.  I am getting ready for a Snake Oil Medicine Show weekend in Raleigh on Friday night and a 20th Anniversay BRTGOBP (Blue Ridge Tribal Gathering of Beautiful People).  

I am addicted to these green smoothies.  Oh yeah....

I am addicted to these green smoothies. Oh yeah....

My best friends Heather and Trey that I grew up with in Atlanta, Georgia, have a family cabin.  20 years ago we started an annual cabin trip, filled with music, swimming in the Jacks River, cocktails, disc golf, goofy fire talks and other crazy shennanigans.  Snake Oil Medicine Show is gonna play this event in the woods and I am thrilled.  George Pond has a generator that he is bringing in to fuel the event. This cabin is in Ellijay, Georgia and butts up to the backside of the Cohutta Wilderness.  Our little Snake Oil van has to go over 2 creek crossings to get there.  Should be an adventure.  

Also I am looking forward to a 10 day tour with Snake Oil that takes us through Michigan, Canada, New York and West Virginia. We leave next week.   So stay tuned for some fun adventures.


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