Montford Music Festival

Tommorow, Saturday Morning May the 16th, Snake Oil Medicine Show will be playing in my neighborhood.  It’s a Block Party Baby!!!!!   Optimal.  We go on around 4pm ish and my other fun little side project band goes on around 10am, The Tater Diggers.  It’s Free!!!!!!!!! 

Have a fantabulous weekend my beautiful buddies out there.

Just jumping off the porch.

Just jumping off the porch


On a side note, I am digging this Classic 1978 Jackson Five Hit “Blame it On the Boogie”.  This video rocks all the way from the song, the afros, the dancing and Michael Jackson.  I want to cover this song Big time.  


4 thoughts on “Montford Music Festival

  1. Michael Jackson is still a mega mega star, but more so in Europe and Japan than in the States. His London shows sold out in under an hour this year! If it’s not record breaking, it’s close! Tickets don’t just fly like that for any ‘ole rapper, or pop star. He’s a historical figure in American pop culture, and worldwide facination with American pop culture is still very high in most foreign markets, despite the economic hard times. Micheal may not be as productive as his “Thriller” days nowadays, however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have another great one to come. Artists, do tend to sometimes take long spans of time between major works or masterpeices. Anyway, have some fun at your street party! Wish I could be there for it too. I missed the one we had here last Thursday. The town of Sanford, FL does a street party every second Thursday of the month called “Alive after five” where they block off the streets and have bands play, and food and beer samplings for $5 entry donation, limitless pizza (yum) and many artists works on display. It’s a blast rain or shine! But, it rained hard last Thursday, and we really need it! Anyway, have fun up there! Knock ’em silly, Tater Diggers!

  2. What a nice street fair it was. I missed digging the tater diggers but SOMS was fun as always. It was great to see you.

    As an aside, I believe that mj’s talent was in his nose, like Sampson’s strength was in his hair. Or it could have been Quincy Jones was in the studio for the good ones. Either way I think we can expect new great mj song soon after cat Stevens makes the world feel peaceful again.

    All that said, I want to rock with you still gets the booties on the dance floor!

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