I am Inspired by You, Thank you

It is Saturday morning 2:45 am and I am wide awake just floating in space.  I do not hold normal sleeping hours at all.  I am off this weekend from my musical career, so I don’t even have an excuse to be up so late.  No musical notes from my violin, no songs from my heart, no talks amongst fans, or giggling with my band mates.

this is just me, caroline alton bazemore pond on May 9, 2009

this is just me, caroline alton bazemore pond on May 9, 2009

  I am just alone in my room, relaxing and just thinking about how I feel so blessed to have you in my life, my friends, my family, my fans.  You are my support group here on this planet as I go through this life journey.  I am suppose to give you my gift of music and positive vibrations.  We are suppose to be connected and we learn from each other. I will just keep doing what I do and you should do the same. Keep on keeping on….Everyone has such an amazing unique gift, so please don’t forget it.  

Thanks so much everyone for all your lovely comments on my blog, or the emails you send me or the talks we have on the phone or even the luncheons we get to have. You are so huge in my life and I feel so grateful of the huge support I have from you.  We are all here together on this planet together and everyday I am inspired by you.  I hope that you feel my support for your journey as well.  I am not trying to be a hippie dippie, I am just speaking to you from my heart at 3 am in the morning..  

Well its time for me to go to bed.  Have an amazing weekend.

Much Love,



7 thoughts on “I am Inspired by You, Thank you

  1. Awe, shucks, now you know. This is exactly how I often feel about you too, and all the wonderful friends out there round the planet in every corner of the globe. My friends Chris Baer (Swim Skinny), Russell Gaspard (Russell & The Grain), Shawn Faxon (Accoustic Swamp Project), Carter Everett (Bluelegs), and the list goes on and on. They are of themselves not the only members of the bands I mentioned, and it would not fit in a comment box if I mentioned each and every one … but, that is the point, and thye wonderful part of being a musical entertainer. Knowing so many wonderful people, not just the bands, but the fans that follow them to the ends of the Earth, the friends who throw giant three day shindigs so everyone has a chance to perform who wishes too, all the wonderful places I’ve seen and things I’ve done. Seeing JGB and David Grisman play the Warfeild Theater, the Grateful Dead play my home town five times, once in the front row five feet from Jerry. And, it flipped Bobby out, this guy in the front row looking like a younger him, head to toe tye-dye, with binoculars focused in on the licks he was picking, priceless. The time the bouncer wouldn’t let me in the House of Blues to see Ratdog play, saying I was “unbalanced”, but what he really meant is he didn’t like my tye-dyed lab coat and super short shorts… The Allman brothers show where people got busted all around me, and my friend was casually stuffing his smoking device and passing it all around in plain veiw. The last Grateful Dead show I saw in Tampa 1995, when I got a miracle ticket for my friend Eric, by singing “Who’s Got a Ticket ” over and over again on the P.A. until someone came up and offered a ticket if I’d stop playing that song. Pink Floyd, again in Tampa, on a miracle ticket myself that time. The list goes on and on way way way back. Opening a show for Faron Young (my mom’s teen idol, and the guy who helped Willie get started) at age 12 in a packed 3,000 seat theater. And, years and years later, getting a reply from Willie when I wrote to him about the experience of performing with Faron. Marty Robbins also was a very gracious and wonderful man who introduced me to many Nashville folks later on who helped me get a single on the air. But, country music wasn’t for me really… I played a steady late night gig in Orlando at Skeeter’s Big Bisquits for the late night bar crowd, and got fired for not wearing my cowboy hat, and playing my song “Barbeque Sauce” at the request of a wedding party that came in, bcause that song wasn’t on the K92 country playlist. The wedding party imediately left as well, and six months later, Skeeter’s was gone forever. He was a fat ass in a hot rod, and he did himself in by being foul to just about all of his employees, and his clients. That’s just another memory, but about that time (1986) is when a friend from Pennsylvania turned me on to the Grateful Dead. My dad had just died in a Gainsville VA hospital right prior to being fired from Skeeter’s. got another job at a bank, worked there for two years and bought a microbus and went out on the road chasing Grateful Dead all over the country for the next nine years. Now, only a dead head can make two years wages last nine years… anyone else would be S.O.L.
    Ok, so now you know how it feels to be humbled by the scope and magnitude of life at large. That’s cool, it takes an old soul to grasp the feeling of being so grateful… Thank you for sharing this. It helps to know I’m not the only one who has. It can be overwhelming, so it is well to write about it. Sorry this comment is so terribly long it could be a blog as well… peace.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Yes, what Jon said indeed, KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, it only gets better!

  2. Well, as an actual dippy-hippie i can attest that you represent the very best and finest of your generation. You have become more actualized that most of your peers and demonstrate the beauty of being here now while being responsible in all directions as you move forward in life. It is about deep and shallow connecting with all of our relations. And each breath re-creates and creates new relations, so we have a tough but genuinely fun task.

  3. As you have inspired me, I’m tickled absolutely pink to even think I (in some small way) could do that for you. Thanks, Car-o-line, for putting these thoughts to “paper.” Just reading them has made a difference in my life today. And that’s all we’ve got, right? N-o-w. 🙂
    Sending hugs. Right now.

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