Sugar & Spice Backstage Video

Live footage, just in from the Ukulele Rockstar.  Sugar & Spice practice backstage at The French Broad River Fest.  “Lighthouse Keeper”. The most common question we get is, who is Sugar and who is Spice?  I reply, “guess?” and most of our fans think that this is a trick question.  Ha ha.  Caroline Pond is Sugar and Ami Worthen is Spice.  Just in case you need to know.  Without further ado, here is the video.


4 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice Backstage Video

  1. Beautiful! You two have too much fun, you know that? Having to much fun can lead to having a long happy life. So, you been warned! And, I’m so sorry I missed this, because it sure would be nice to have a little too much fun too. Well, gotta run, community dinner tonight. Thanks much for putting this on video! Love you, and keep it up, you’re awesome!

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