French Broad River Fest

To all the folks and musicians of the French Broad River Fest, you ROCK…..  I had a total blast.  Emceeing was so much fun.  I was super duper busy.  However Karl Beesun, an emcee himself, and WNCW radio announcer helped support me a bit.  Some highlights for me, were throwing Will Ferrell loofah dolls out in the crowd.  So random.  One of the volunteers in the backstage area had 192 of these loofahs that she wated me to get rid of.  Too funny.

more will ferrel loofah doll pics

more will ferrel loofah doll pics

Also Sugar & Spice (Ami Worthen and I) got to get up on stage to play some of our tunes. That was amazing for me.  I love our Sugar & Spice Band.  Snake Oil Medicine Show jammed it out on the Flood Stage.  What a hoot.  Mad Tea Party kicked some butt. Jen and the Juice rocked my face off.  I really enjoyed all the bands so much.  Trapeze aerial stunts and fire dancers was amazing as well.a very random Will Ferrel Loofah doll

a very random Will Ferrel Loofah doll

I also had a chance during some of my downtime to meditate by the roaring French Broad River.   What an amazing weekend.  I was so busy I did not even get to take photos.  So here is a pic of the Will Ferrell Loofah head that got thrown out in the crowd.  Well, I gotta run.  I am super duper busy in the Snake Oil office this Monday morning, so more blogging later.  Cheers and much Love.

Will Ferrel Loofah in a Light Tunnel

Will Ferrel Loofah in a Light Tunnel


6 thoughts on “French Broad River Fest

  1. You are truly an amazing soul, Caroline! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and all the wonderful folks in our wonderfully artistic community! I feel honored to know you all!
    Cheers to you for all your help at the fest! I’m so glad you had a good time. It was a treat to see you and Ami, as well as the Snakes and everyone else involved! Thanks ;0)

  2. Hi there, Caroline! This may be completely and totally random – but you do know where I can get some of those Will Ferrell loofahs??? One of my very best friends has been looking for them for awhile now, and I swear he’ll love me forever and ever if I can surprise him with at least one. Thank you!

  3. Courtney, we gave away 192 of them to the audience. A woman name Shay that was working backstage got them from her job in Charlotte, NC. She was working the hospitality tent. I am sorry I dont have anymore or I would give them to you. Cheers.

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