Mid Week Blue Hue

I had such a lovely time at the Grove Park Inn Spa with my friend Courtney and I will post photos on my blog as soon as I upload them.  Also I had a yummy sweet dinner at the Ichiban with Kevin and we walked over to the Grand Bohemian Hotel afterwards to check it out.  That place was awesome.  I would love to have a martini in the Red Stag Lounge one of these days.dsc008251

So sorry I am not writing a bunch at this moment in time.  I don’t think my chakras are aligned, I have been a bit blue today.  I just need to step back and examine some things in my life right now.  Just reflection and meditation.  I love you my friends, family and fans I will return to my happy go lucky self.  But for now I am just chilling out trying to feel my emotions.

When I wake up in the morning it will be a brand new beautiful day with new adventures.


4 thoughts on “Mid Week Blue Hue

  1. aums i send for your moving across the light spectrum of conscious beingness from blue to green to yellow to orange to pink to vibrations…

  2. Caroline!!

    i love you more than i can say with words~

    you light up my life, and the lives of so many other lucky friends of yours…

    You are the bomb,
    my touchstone of positivity!



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