My Niece Has Big Hair

The weekend is upon us and I plan on going to yard sales, Short Street Cakes and to work.  Fun fun.  Also I am going to plant some seeds this weekend.  I will take lots of photos with my Canon Rebel as well.  No gigs this weekend so I will have to embark on other creative things.

Josie Eloise with Big Hair...

Josie Eloise with Big Hair..

Here is a photo of my little baby girl niece, Josie with the best hair ever.    My sister Jane took this awesome photo last week in a park in Palm Springs, California.  I do have a new song called “Josie”, do you want to hear it???

Have a great weekend.  Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!




3 thoughts on “My Niece Has Big Hair

  1. Hey Caroline,
    Happy to hear you’re having a nice weekend off. You sure are a good blogger, and you’re lucky that your family is very understanding of your need to live in the limelight… My only sister cringes at the thought of being famous, or even related to someone famous, so she gives me bad vibes as much as good ones… Her husband let me do the podcast from their backyard, and she agreed to it after the fact of having posted it… I too, truly have no desire for fame, I’m a hermit to put it lightly, but I do wish for my songs to become known… However, that’s another story. You have a wonderful family, Caroline, and you are a blessed soul indeed. Blessed with talent, grace, beauty, and love… It is an honor to know you, for all who do… Thank you, and CHEERS!

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