Blooish Purple Smoothie

I am addicted to SMOOTHIES.  Someone help me.  Ha ha just kidding.  This is great

This morning I shoved these ingredients in a blender and voila what a delicious Monday morning I am having.

  • one banana
  • two handfuls of spinach
  • one handful of blueberries
  • a scoop of green powder
  • half cup water



4 thoughts on “Blooish Purple Smoothie

  1. ha ha jarue that is funny. Its magma plus and it has spirulina, wheat grass, if its green and its legal its in there. too funny.

  2. Okay, for the sake of brevity, you are way too healthy with that recipe. If you were to add:
    organic protein powder
    organic acai-aronia juice
    organic oregon strawberries and raspberries
    a bit of organic vanilla & strawberry ice cream

    Now, that is a dark purple smoothie

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