The Abundance Jar

I have an abundance jar and I started it when I got laid off my job in the Fall.  Being a musician is so lovely and wonderful but when it comes to reality, I have to generate more income to pay my bills.  My slogan for musicians is, we may not be rich in money but we are rich in experiences.  

the photo is backwards because I took this with my computer camera. Abundance Baby...

the photo is backwards because I took this with my computer camera. Abundance Baby...

The latter is way more important to me than money.  I have such fond memories of all our travels and adventures.  The friends that we have met along the way have enriched my life..  Money just cannot buy these adventures.   I want to continue spreading my gift to the people, I feel like this is my responsibilty as an ambassador of peace and love through my music.

Luckily now I have found a nice part time, flexible job.  The keyword here is flexible.   Gotta love it.   I started my abundance jar and repatterned the way I think about money.  I just don’t stress about it anymore.  God provides.  The universe doesn’t let you down when you just put out the good vibes, because you will get it back in return. 

Here I am with my decorated abundance jar, I always keep something in it.  Even if its a couple of quarters or a few dollars in it,  I never allow my jar to be empty.  Abundance is my theme here in my life and in this here Abundance jar.  I even enjoy putting notes in there to self with positive affirmations.  I am not monetarily wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I get to travel, play music, eat healthy foods and I save up for items that I really

I hope it has inspired you to start your own abundance jar. I know that we are going through tough economic times, but we deserve to still have Abundance baby.


5 thoughts on “The Abundance Jar

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  2. You have inspired me to create my own abundance jar.
    What a solid and great idea!
    I think the first thing in it will be my ticket to the Zydeco fest this weekend in St. Pete.
    My reasoning is that i have it good enough to be able to travel to a different city, a sunny city, and shake my tailfeather.
    That is proof of abundance and i believe i will start with that.

    Thanks for making my day and week Caroline!
    You seem to have a knack for that with me.

    Keep up the positive life and vibes dahling!

  3. Caroline this is wonderful! What a brilliant and fun idea. Hmmm…I just might have the making of my own jar around here. Thanks for sharing your abundant joy!

  4. “”I started my abundance jar and repatterned the way I think about money. I just don’t stress about it anymore.””

    This really is the key to being open to abundance. The letting go and discovering that the nature of letting go completely is so quickly rewarded with that which is not desired. I do it all the time. One night (in my role as graveyard concierge for a major hotel in my town) i envisioned an evening of not desiring to receive any tips. I was doing great for the first couple of hours (not one tip for a half dozen of actions) until i dropped off a group of aspiring young musical artists at a local hip social club. As they walked away, some guy in line at the club approached saying that he saw that they (the group) “stiffed me” on the tip. I said it didn’t matter, but he insisted that i accept his bennie. WTF?? Okay, i accept, but whoa. Abundance is an interesting journey.

  5. Hi Caroline,

    Excellent idea. I would also suggest a prosperity board for you. Place pictures of your deepest desires on a large posterboard and place it where you will see it throughout the day. Believe that you already have or do the things on your poster every time you view it. As you said the Universe always provides. These events will manifest in your life.

    You can attract money just as easily as you have attracted those travel and adventures. Money may not be important in and of itself but it does serve a function; paid bills, comfortable surroundings, and savings to enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s a means of exchange that I like to call freedom in green pants. It enables you to be more, have more, and do more. And like everything in life you attract it.

    Thanks for sharing your insight 🙂


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