Pecans and Abundance

What an amazing day here in Asheville.  It is so sunny and warm.  I hope that you are having a lovely day as well.  Happy Friday everyone…………

Before I left South Georgia, I walked around a grove of pecan trees and took some fun photos and picked up a few pecans.

A Handful of Pecans (Abundance)

A Handful of Pecans (Abundance)


A Pecan Grove in Sylvania, Georgia

A Pecan Grove in Sylvania, Georgia

 Also that day I discovered a wonderful artist named Jess Gonacha.  She has a lovely blog called Pecannoot.  Pecannoot is a word derived from Pecans. Her blog is all about abundance, which happens to be my word of the year.  The tagline for her blog is “Make Every Day Abundant” So, I think this is so wonderful and fitting for my life.  It’s really kind of like a quinkadink (coincidence) or fate that I discovered her.   I just bought this print from her etsy shop.  

"Give Your Love Away" by Jessica Gonash

Cheers to Abundance...............Caroline and green smoothie on bike with blue pool


2 thoughts on “Pecans and Abundance

  1. wow, thank you for posting about pecanoot! i love that you showed some pecans that you gathered, especially since you were in georgia, and i live in georgia! i would love to post that photo on the blog if you don’t mind– let me know! i’ll link to you, too, of course. 😉 thanks again!

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