The Golden Hour

This is my favorite light of the day.  Photographer’s favorite time of the day to take photos.  This photo was taken in Corona del Mar where my sister and I went last year to visit her in-laws.dsc01464

Today is Monday and I dream of the sun warming my body.  I wish it was a tad bit warmer outside.  I am ready for this Winter cold season to be over with.  Just be patient Caroline.  Days of warmth are just around the corner.  

I have a day off and I plan on checking many items on my to do list off. 

Caroline’s To-Do List

  1. drink coffee
  2. yoga
  3. floss
  4. call georgie back
  5. set up a coffee date with Wendy
  6. have lunch with Danya
  7. start thinking about preparing taxes
  8. clean room
  9. book some NY shows for Snake Oil Medicine Show
  10. practice ukulele or fiddle
  11. water plants
  12. strip sheets
  13. go to bank
  14. start a new painting
  15. eat veggie tacos with Kevin and Billy

Have a Rocking Monday Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

  1. Monday was too busy for that, so i used today, and your list, to get a bunch of stuff done. I even took a day off work to do it all. Screw work.

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