I Love to Busk

Snake Oil Medicine Show has been busking for years.  Last Friday when busking with The Space Heaters, it just warmed my heart.  This is a pastime I hope I never give up.  Its joyful and you can practice your licks on the streets and it makes people happy.  Also, its fun getting some pocket change to spend it in the city that you are visiting, like getting a cup of coffee, a shot of wheat grass or a postcard.  Its so fun.  Busking is a great way to practice your ham skills and cut up and get people to step on up and don’t be shy and be a part of the fun…….

Here is a photo that our wonderful tour manager of Snake Oil Medicine Show took of us in Boulder, Colorado on Pearle Street a couple summers back.


photo by Billy Herring.  Andy Pond, Sean Foley, George Pond and Caroline Pond

photo by Billy Herring. Andy Pond, Sean Foley, George Pond and Caroline Pond


3 thoughts on “I Love to Busk

  1. I wish i could find the Mark Knopfler video of his busking in the metros of London back in the late 70s. I have it on VHS, passed along with awesome early Dire Straits concert footage. Really made the viewer feel that paying attention to buskers is more important than one realizes in that moment. Reminds me of the Joshua Bell and Yo Yo Ma in the train stations. You go Caroline, please, we love it.

  2. This old boy is going to be doing plenty of busking too, on my way out west. Glad you enjoy doing it. I find it’s not as fun by yourself, though. Maybe I’ll meet up with some like minded folks, maybe… Just don’t want to hang here and starve no more. Might make it to L.A., and might not, but I never thought that I’d have to walk there… Anyway this is my last log on, so if you wonder, well, know when I get home (where ever that is) I’ll be around again, and I’ll look ya’all up… 😦

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