Being Sick Sux!!!!

Been home for almost a week and have been nursing my Island Flu Bug.  I had to break down and take the Z Pack.  Antibiotics. I have a love/ hate relationship for these synthetic antibiotics, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.   Usually I am so against these pills because I want my body to do its natural thing and just have a war zone inside with my T-cells in fatigues fighting off those terrorist germs.  My illness was starting to get on my nerves though.  I have blown my nose through 3 boxes of Kleenex, my chapped nose feels like hamburger meat, my creaky voice would definately not put me in line for a nomination to the grammies.  So you just gotta love it.  I feel like I pump up my immune system all the time, but I just don’t know what happened.  Being sick really gets in the way of getting things done.  Do you know what I mean????   Slows me down.  No matter how positive my mental attitude is this damn flu bug has got a hold of me.  You gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them.   Arghhhh.   You don’t realize how we take for granted our health until we are sick with bugs.  

Here I am envisioning Optimal Healing Health.  Starts RIGHT NOW....ommmmmmm

Here I am envisioning Optimal Healing Health. Starts RIGHT NOW....ommmmmmm


Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday, not much to report here.  I am just envisioning and working on my most optimal radiant health.    Trying to come up with a plan to be as healthy as possible.  Maybe walk today, chug Emergen-C Powders, drink Organic Italian OJ that my buddy Jon gave me, work on my raw food plan, quit coffee and only do mate, and start thinking about enemas.   Arghhhh…….. Anybody have a suggestion?????

Going to paradise was worth it all though…..

P.S.S.  Sorry if you have been trying to get a hold of me.  My phone situation is still shotty and my strength of calling people back has been low due to my flu bug.   But I will be back on track soon.  Cheers.

P.S.S    I am off to try and go for a walk. It is sunny outside.

Here I am with optimal health with my fave cousin Anne.  Anne where u at call me up......

Here I am with optimal health with my fave cousin Anne. Anne where u at call me up......


3 thoughts on “Being Sick Sux!!!!

  1. Get well soon, Sunshine. Maybe I’ll see you in Amsterdam sometime. Going there when I’m done in Australia. Don’t want to come back to the States anytime soon. You give good care, now! Peace 🙂

  2. Oh, I did forget to mention, I got another one of those emails, from some floozy in New York this time, is it just me, or are American ladies wacko?
    This one’s barley old enough to be called a lady. I hope that kind of silliness doesn’t go on everywhere on the planet. I’m not gonna be checking the email for a long while anyway, maybe that will stop happening, if I just don’t look anymore, maybe. Well, ciao Strawberry:-)

  3. Though there is some obscure Bushian federal law that actually prohibits people from recommending various non-FDA approved therapies, especially when such therapies use herbal supplements; I SHALL suggest that my acupuncturist/herbalist gave me a formula called GAN MAO LING and another called YINCHISO . They both work amazingly well. Of course he also makes me drink this tea with it: onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, miso, and either naga or red savina pepper.

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