Caroline Hot Tub Rated PG

m_e786cf69dc92a3a043dbb79eb4b91b8dThis is my last post before I leave to go out of the country.  I cannot believe the time has come for me to escape to Jamaica.  I am out of here.  Time for me to split.  

Jamaica baby

Jamaica baby



One thing that is really getting my goat is that my little cell phone has shit the bed.  Forgive my grammar and my cussing but I am frustrated.  Right in time for me to leave and the shite has hit the fan.  The company that I have spent over 2,000 hard earned dollars for a computer and phone that I absolutely adore can not help me because I spilt a sip of water on my iphone.  Apple is really pissing me off.  Frustration has kicked in.  I called Apple to ask them to help and they just turn their heads when I mention water damage.  Thanks a ton Apple.  Now I have to resort to finding answers on Google.  I have placed my Iphone in a bowl of kitty litter, lentils and rice to dry the damn thing out.  Lets see if that works.   How come the company that I dig so much and advertise shamelessly  to my friends has the worst support ever and does not help a sister out????  Arghhhhhh……. Forgive my griping, but I just gotta vent before heading to paradise.  I guess I will deal with the phone when I return.  For now I will just sweep it under the rug….or better yet, let it remain in the kitty litter, rice and lentil mixture to dry out for a week……….

Luckily I am hopping on a plane and leaving my worries behind.  

Okay enough with my frustrations.  Here is a video for you to wish you my adios til next time……

Much Love!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Caroline Hot Tub Rated PG

  1. Caroline,
    We’ll all be sending our good wishes to you and the guys, while your in Jamaica. I know it’s much warmer there, right now, but like I said before, ya’all are welcome in Florida any ‘ole time too! There’s a hot-tub out at the gazebo in the swamp, where I do the recording, with my friend ChrisP Critter and his wife. But, it’s not that wonderful mountain water, you have up there. John took us all to Hot Springs, N.C. the last day we were up there in November. It was 36 degrees, just above freezing, and very cold until we got in the tub. That water makes you feel wonderful when you spend an hour in it. Loosened up every muscle, and put vigor back in the step, I just loved it! Anyway, I almost got the Iphone when I signed up for two years with AT&T, but I opted for the one they were giving away with the plan. It’s a Sony-Ericcson z750a, and it does everything the Iphone does, but it has a smaller screen, that’s not a touch screen, it’s a flip phone, so it answers when you open it, I like that. It’s got a nice camera on it, and it does all the internet stuff. And, AT&T made it international capable, even though I told them I rarely leave the country, they said it’s no extra charge, and they have unlimited internet for $15 a month extra, over the plan cost. So I use it on the computer when my Verizon wireless plan reaches it’s limit of 5Gb’s per month allowance. I have to use wireless, because there’s no other broadband service in the swamp. It’s dial- up way out there, or forget about it, and it’s 26k dial-up, very very slow. Anyway, your frustration shall melt away as soon as your on the plane heading for the island. Ya’all are going to fly right over me on your way down there, so I’ll be sending up love to every plane I see overhead, in hope that it has you in it. So if you get giddy over Florida, well, that’s one reason. As long as the iphone was off when it got wet, it will likely work when you come back, but the place to look for a replacement is Craig’s list or E-bay, if you don’t want to blow $200+ for a new one. I’m thinking about one of those EE-PC’s by Asus for going on the road, because either the WWAN modem (USB2) or the phone (also USB2) will plug into it for broadband wireless internet. The EE-PC is less than half the size of a notebook (about 2 lbs.) and they have a flash drive instead of a hard drive, so you could put it through the wash, and it will still work when it dries out. I’m working with Verizon, on a way to make it work in the mountains up where John lives. They are consulting with Boeing about a stationary airship platform, to transmit from, like the Army’s doing with radar in Afghanistan. If it is determined to be cost effective, soon everyone in the mountains will have cellular signal from Verizon at least. They say it will take at least a year to do a feasibility study, and then another year to do it, if research shows it to be cost effective. I wish all my complaining was as effective on Snocap, they’re dragging their butts about fixing all their artists song stores. They show the songs in the catalog, but not in the store interface. And, I’ve been complaining to them for over a month about it. Anyway, I’ve been WAY too long winded, for just a comment. So long, and good luck!!!

  2. Dang, I was just going to call you and wish you safe travels!

    We’re off to Charleston and Savannah. Not quite the tropics, but I’m gonna get my feet in the sand.

    Have a wonderful trip. I can still pick you up at the airport if you need me to.



  3. No phone, no internet, Jamaica sounds like paradise. I’m sending good wishes that your phone will dry out while you’re gone and work just fine when you return.

  4. Apple makes lovely products, and although I’ve been a mac loyalist since 1987, buying 10 of them is those 22 years, you really have to take your complaints up the chain to get any satisfaction.

    Water though is pretty fatal to all cell phones, sadly.

    On the plus side, warm caribbean water is a surefire tonic for the soul. I hope you are hanging with the pretty fishes, and wonderful people.

    See you soon!

  5. Just keep on doing what you’ve got to do! I agree, Apple doesn’t give a hoot if you didn’t pay extra for the protection plan. I think if they make a product, they should stick behind it. I’ve been an Apple loyalist, too, spent thousands, recommended these products to everyone, probably got several people to purchase but it’s a corporation, they don’t care! Some of my Apple products have worked wonderfully for years, I can’t stand using the other kind of computers. Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don’t. I got a new I-pod, it lasted about 6 months, got a totally new one though because it was under warranty or I paid for it. I love the deal where you buy a two-year protection plan, and the i-pod comes with one year when you get it but do you get three years? Nope, just two, so why don’t they call it a 1-year protection plan? I don’t understand why we can’t just get the straight deal? If your product is such that you have to make stuff seem better than it is, in my humble opinion, you should either tell it like it is or make a better product, China, it’s not that hard to do!

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