12 Days and a Wake-up

Folks, I just cannot believe that I leave in 12 days and a wake up.   Jamaica baby bound!!!!  Golly, I can’t wait to have some 80 degree canary yellow sun warming my frigid, cold and white body.  Red Stripe Beers and veggie patties here I come………

yep I love red stripe beers in jamaica

yep I love red stripe beers in jamaica

Reggae music and diving off the cliffs into the baby blue carribean sea. .  OK am I making you ill yet???  Come on, pack your bags and lets go.

Here is a pic of my sweet little niece, Josie.  I love that she is doing a peace sign on the side with her little tiny hands.  My sister Jane swears that she did not manipulate her baby pudgy fingers to do that.  My niecey is pretty darn hip at 5 months.

Well folks. there is really not that much else going on for me lately. Sort of have been on the blog rut…

Lately my life has been uneventful. But that is okay.  I can’t always be on and up up and away.   I am just in hibernation mode as of late.  Winter time is good for that. Let me tell you, my room is a wreck, I have not worked out in weeks and I am generally exhausted because I have been working my arse off.  

But to leave this blog on a good note, I did buy 2 cute little vintage dresses at the Goodwill today and Best Buy gave me a camera USB cord for free because they had many cords that were demos.  My camera cord has been m.i.a for a while now, so it’s digital photo time for me again.  Yey….. Okay that is it for now.  Much love to you all.  Have a great week.

Love, Caroline getattachmentaspx


3 thoughts on “12 Days and a Wake-up

  1. Cool pic of baby Josie! She knows where its at!

    Maybe we’ll make it next year for CHNY, I hear Larry can’t make it, bummer.

    I REALLY dig the Overtakers. You guys have got to get them back over here, so we can see them in Atown!

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