Eighth of January

Howdy Peeps!!!!  Today is my momma’s birthday on the Eighth of January.  I love you Mom, Happy Bday!!!!!!   There is a terrific old time, bluegrass song called Eighth of January.  Check it out.

I am just beside myself lately.  On my off days of work, I am deep inside my computer learning the ins and outs of my movie program.  I have had my MacBook Pro for over a year now and I just have not realized the power of this machine.  I love my mac it has been my friend and has kept me company.  

outside my apartment on the Eighth of January, 2009

Outside my apartment on the Eighth of January

Speaking of movies, videos and whatnots, I would like to share another video that I did with George and Andy Pond in the living room.  Enjoy!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Eighth of January

  1. I love these little video blogs! What a delightful distraction from what I’m supposed to be working on right now. Thank you for brightening my day.

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