Jamaican Dreaming and Birthday Wishes


Happy New Years Yall

Happy New Years Yall

The New Year is upon us.  We only have 2 more days of 2008.  I just cannot believe we are heading into 2009.  Wow!!!  What does this year have in store for me.  I already picked out my word for the year and that is ABUNDANCE baby.  Bring it on!!!  Abundance of joy, love, fun, food, moolah, bliss, travel, the whole yards.  One other thing I am giving myself this year is a present to just allow myself to hang in the present.  Not worry and fret about my future too much and certainly not dig myself into a depression about the shoulda couldas of the past.  So folks lets drop in the present and have some tea.  Of course after I say all this hanging in the present stuff, I sure cannot wait to go to Jamaica.  I leave in 26 days.

Beautiful Jamaica

Beautiful Jamaica

 I dream of the cliffs of Negril, the pretty blue skies, the reggae music, Red Stripe Beers, Blue Mountain Coffee and the sparkling Carribean Sea.  Goodness me, I will just have to wait.


sisters on the cliff. Jane and Caroline. Photo by Phil Cheney




Ami Worthen the birthday girl. Pic of Ami in Jamaica.

Ami Worthen the birthday girl. Pic of Ami in Jamaica.

Today is my dearest friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to the beautiful, smart and talented Ami Worthen.  She is such an inspiration to me and is my hero.  Ami is the other half of Sugar & Spice. Without her I would have never started this blog.  I Love you girl!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Jamaican Dreaming and Birthday Wishes

  1. Not that i am overtly prejudice, but hey, Capricorns are the rarest yet most awesome of beings on this earth. So happy birthday to yet another awesome Capricorn being…

  2. I got to sing (loudly and off key as I do most times) happy birthday to Ami last night with a few hundred other people. She rocked the Orange Peel for 15 minutes! It was fun.

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