Early Morning After Gig Talk

3;45 in the morning and I am wide awake.  

09 am..

Yours truly at 4:09 am..

I am just in awe of all the amazing folks I got to play with at the Variety Playhouse this evening here in Atlanta.  I was so excited to play with Larry Keel and Natural Bridge and Tony Rice.  Bobby Lee Rogers and I just jammed like crazy and I was thrilled to play double fiddles with Dave Blackman.  Due to the holidays, Larry Keel suggested our  encore song be Jingle Bells.  There must have been 25 musicians up there on stage tonight doing this little christmas classic.  Family Christmas stylie for sure.  Hopefully, I will be able to get pics from photographers Jon Weiner and Vincent Tseng to post at a later date.   My camera cord has gone missing, so no personal photos from me  this evening.  Also tonite was my friend Clay’s birthday.  So Clay just in case you are reading this, Happy Bday again.

My good buddy Tovah is graciously allowing me to crash in her family home this morning.  The house is quiet as a mouse and I am just typing away on this here blog.  My belly feels real full because after the show I dined at a healthy vegetarian diner called R. Thomas.  Thank goodness it was not a greasy spoon.  My dinner consisted of Quinoa, Tempeh, coconut curry, broccoli and onions.  So delicious!  Also, I ordered and enjoyed a beet and carrot juice.  However, eating this healthy late night, is making me feel real gassy right now, so maybe the greasy spoon option might have been a better idea.  Ha ha.  This is too funny, I am just ranting away about food again.  Raw foods need to be more prominent and integrated into my lifestyle.  One step at a time though.  However, when I am starving, I want something cooked and starchy.  I just can’t help it.  I crave potatoes, mac n cheese, kale, and other deliciously cooked and prepared items.  Going all raw when you are starving doesn’t work with me at this very moment in time, but I want to graciously work my way into eating more raw foods into my future.  

Okay its 4am and I probably should get some shuteye and relax this rumbling belly.   Tovah suggested I put pure virgin coconut oil on my face and skin.  It makes my skin and face feel smooth and it smells like a tropical paradise in here.  I sure did have a blast tonight in Atlanta with all those musical buddies.   

Much Love from your Bloated Belly, Healthy Eatin’, Coconut Lotion wearin’ Fiddle Player 



3 thoughts on “Early Morning After Gig Talk

  1. You SCARY LION!!!
    that concert sounds ri-double-dodeca-dongulous!!!! i KNEW it was going to rock~
    me no want to miss concerts like this.
    I love you, thanks for the blog! way cool~
    see you suddenly

  2. Caroline,
    What fun!!! I had a great time hangin’ with you as always….Pics on the way soon…..I love your blog…..it is such fun to read….tell GPo he missed a good one and tell Frank thanks for the kind words!

    Peace and (raw) carrots,

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