Abundance of Blue Skies

I woke up this Monday morning and the skies were so blue.  I just felt like rejoicing.  My heart sings when there are blue skies.  I feel blessed that I have the morning off to just relax and paint and play music and write on my blog.  These days don’t come very often so I just love it when they do. dsc00176  I hope that you are finding peace in this crazy Holiday time.  Just don’t forget to breathe and take time out for yourselves.   My word of the month and I think I am going to carry it on for the new coming year is Abundance.   Abundance of joy, income, love, music, art and friendship.   I am putting that out in the universe for myself and for you….    MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Abundance of Blue Skies

  1. Thanks for being such a good blog-friend, Caroline.

    Yes! Abundance is right! I feel on the verge of a lot of progress on all fronts as well. Personal growth is so energizing – I’m addicted to it. I’m glad such a beautiful person as yourself is in a happy place too. Cheers!

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