This Homegirl is Having an Off Week…..

I have been super duper busy this week and I have noticed my room is a wreck, I have barely picked up my fiddle and I have had no time to write in this blog.  One of my new fave things to do lately is write in this blog.  Guess I can’t always have fun creative weeks.  Its been all work and no play and I am having a bad food week.  In addition, I am not going to the gym because this home girl is too busy. Being a human being can be tough sometimes.  photo-170

Running from here to there and eating toast over the sink.   Ahhhhh, I need to breathe and remember that everything is going to be okay.  Bare with me folks, my loved ones who read this, I will be back with fun stories to tell.  I really just want to be at a pool side bar drinking a mai tai and listening to some great music.  This cold and rainy weather is kicking my butt.  Does anybody else feel this????   I am gonna put a flower in my hair to make myself feel more summery.  Hmmmmmm…………..I am off to Boone tommorow for the Snake Oil Medicine Show gig.   Much love to you all.  Comment me if you feel like it and let me know how you are.    Cheers……


2 thoughts on “This Homegirl is Having an Off Week…..

  1. Hey Caroline!!!

    you rock, homegirl~
    thanks for hooking it up, and having my back on the Lazoom Tour Bus last night…

    those folks were charmed to hear renditions of bobs’es music…(Wills and Marley, both!)

    You are a shredding fiddle player and i love your jazz!!

    see you in a few for the trip to BOONE!

    Snake Oil Medicine Show TONITE, baby!!
    i love you:

  2. Doing pretty well, getting ready to leave the USAin a week and BLOW OUT on the beach in Mexico for 2 weeks. I think I’ll listen to you play your fiddle while I’m down there – it relaxes me SO much. The digital headphones version of you, of course, but still, awesome.

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